Your case

Personalized support to help you make informed decisions.

The justice system can be daunting, especially when you are in it for the first time. As defence experts, our role is to take charge of your case, answer your questions and guide you in your decision-making while minimizing your exposure to the court process.

The day of your first appointment, we will take the time needed to thoroughly understand your situation and make our first recommendations. If the police gave you documents, bring them with you to this appointment so that we can evaluate them.

Throughout your case, you will be kept informed of developments and what they mean. You are always the one in control; we support and guide you so you can make informed decisions.

Eliminate unpleasantness during the process.

We know that being in court is unpleasant. That is why, whenever possible during the process, we will represent you in court without your presence being required.

The vast majority of criminal charges are settled by negotiation and to the client’s satisfaction. We have huge experience in this process. And if negotiation fails, we will be ready to present your defence.

One team. A wide range of expertise.

You can count on our solid, tight-knit team. Each member of the firm has a wide range of expertise, strengths and perspectives, which we share in a spirit of mutual aid to come up with great ideas and advance your case.

Are you facing charges?

For greater peace of mind, and to give us ample time to advise you and build your case, contact us as soon as possible after your release by the police. To preserve your memory of the events, take note of the course of your day up until your release by the police. This may be essential to your defence. You will find a form here to help you to jot down all the important elements.

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