Offences against property

Possible property offence charges:

  • Mischief
  • Theft
  • Concealment
  • Breaking and entering (to commit theft or mischief)

Possible defences for property offence charges

An impulsive or emotional gesture can sometimes have important consequences. That’s why Me Benoît takes your case seriously.

He assesses whether the prosecution will be able to discharge its burden of proof. It must prove all the essential elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Depending on the facts of your case, it may be possible to resolve the matter by convincing the prosecution to divert your case. This keeps you from having a criminal record.

Me Benoît studies the facts of your case and personal situation, and he will work with you to establish the very best approach.

Possible sentences for property offences

At the sentencing stage, Me Benoît will insist on individualizing the sentence. Depending on your profile and personal situation, he will negotiate or present an appropriate sentence to the court.

To preserve your employment—if the facts and the offence so allow it—he will try to obtain an exoneration. This will keep you from having a criminal record and dealing with the resulting consequences.

When detention cannot be avoided, and the facts and the offence so permit, he can try to get you a detention in the community (in your home) or ask that you serve your sentence on weekends so that you can maintain your job.

Personalized support to help you make informed decisions

Are you facing charges?

For greater peace of mind, and to give Me Benoît ample time to advise you and build your case, contact him before the charges are laid. He will be able to provide legal information tailored to your situation and prevent you from making mistakes that could negatively affect future charges.