Your case: Our priority.

A trust-based relationship with you is our priority at jfb avocats criminalistes. The justice system can be intimidating, especially when you are facing it for the first time. Criminal charges can be a source of huge concern and anxiety. That’s why we do everything to minimize both their impact on your daily life and their long-term consequences.

Let our specialized criminal lawyers guide you.

Our criminal lawyers will support you through every step of the judicial process. They will make sure that your rights are respected. They will represent you in court and negotiate in your favour. They will present your defence and, if necessary, plead for a sentence that is adapted to your situation. They are also available to answer your questions candidly and directly.

“Personalized support to help you make informed decisions.”

Are you facing charges?

For greater peace of mind, and to give us ample time to advise you and build your case, contact us before the charges are laid. We will be able to provide legal information tailored to your situation and prevent you from making mistakes that could negatively affect future charges.

Impaired driving offences are committed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and they have a wide range of impacts.
There are many kinds of sexual assault offences. Every case is different. That's why we'll thoroughly analyze yours.
This type of offence is commonplace and is regularly brought before the courts. We have helped many clients in this situation.
We have successfully represented many clients charged with drug offences. We have avoided criminal records and its consequences.
An impulsive or emotional gesture can sometimes have huge consequences. That's why we take all of our clients’ cases seriously.

Flat fees mean no unpleasant surprises

“Keep your defence costs under control with our flat fees and accessible payment terms.”

Dealing with charges can be very stressful. The last thing you need is for an accumulation of unplanned expenses to cause you additional stress. That is why we set our fees upfront.

Any questions?

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