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Drugs and narcotics

Drug and narcotic offences

The most common offences involving narcotics and drugs are:

  • Possession of drugs and/or narcotics
  • Drug and/or narcotic trafficking
  • The production of drugs and/or narcotics

Possible drug and narcotic defences

 We have successfully represented many clients charged with drug offences. We saved them from receiving a criminal record and its consequences. A criminal record for drug offences can greatly limit your ability to travel or work in some places.

We will argue the facts specific to your situation, and we will contest police actions. Both strategies are often the most effective way to plead this type of offence.

Our firm keeps abreast of developments in this area. We often successfully submit petitions alleging police violations of our clients’ constitutional rights, which can lead to the exclusion of police evidence and acquittal.

Narcotic and drug sentences

Drug-related sentences vary, often depending on:
the offence (possession, production, trafficking or importation)
the drug (cocaine, crack, speed, fentanyl, etc.)
the period covered by the offence (one day or months)
the motivation (dependence, income, etc.)
the role played (reselling or heading a criminal organization)
the individualization of the sentence

At the sentencing stage, our firm will insist on individualizing the penalty. Depending on your profile and personal situation, we will negotiate or present to the court an appropriate sentence.

To preserve your employment—if the facts and the offence so allow it—we will try to obtain an exoneration. This will keep you from having a criminal record and dealing with the resulting consequences.

When detention cannot be avoided—and if the facts and the offence so allow it—we can try to get you a detention in the community (in your home) or ask that you serve your sentence on weekends so that you can maintain your job.

It should be noted that the conviction for certain narcotic offences results in a weapons prohibition.

Personalized support to help you make informed decisions

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